Called by the Horse: Women, Horses, and Consciousness (2019)

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Delia’s Book: Guidance for Cancer Healing (2009)

Originally published as a guidebook for those with cancer, this book continues to be an invaluable resource for people seeking guidance for healing on multiple fronts. Friends, family, health care providers, and holistic healers have also found that Delia’s Book provides important insights into their loved one’s struggles and practical information regarding how they may best be of assistance.


Back Cover Text: “A Guidebook for People with Cancer: Whether you have been living with cancer for a long time or have just been diagnosed, this simple and practical book is for you. Delia’s Book: Guidance for Cancer Healing shares the hope, wisdom, and strategies that helped holistic medical doctor Delia Pratt outlive her prognosis by more than ten years.

“Learn how to: ~ Maximize healing  ~ Relieve fears and anxieties  ~ Live life to the fullest”


“One of the most complete and simple guides for people going through this life-changing experience.”          ~ Cheryl S., Cancer Survivor

“This book is beautifully done: simultaneously simple yet deep. How lovely to take Delia’s incredible and poignant journey and turn it into such a practical healing guide for others who find themselves on a similar path. I will recommend it to my patients.” ~ From the Foreword, Tammy Aburto-Pratt, M.D.